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A Smart tool for
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We offer a one-stop shop for all the best offers from your favorite places.
CouponBook EA is a smart marketing tool for vendors looking to connect directly with their target clientele.
Allowing for a merchants brand visibility to grow tenfold with our distribution policy as well as our reach.

What we Do

We connect people to their favorite vendors offering either goods or services.
Our selection criterion for vendors is purely consumer based and a team of quality assurance execs makes sure we maintain a certain standard in terms of service delivery.
Ensuring our clients receive the best possible experience.

How it works?

CouponBook EA is available both on Mobile and Web.

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Questions and Answers.

More about CouponBook EA

What is CouponBook EA?

Is a smart tool for all savvy people who like the good life but don’t want to break bank doing it.
CouponBook EA has a wide Collection of Vendors through out the East African Region (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda)

How can I get my Account Setup?

CouponBook EA simply download the mobile application Create your Account.
A confirmation Email will be sent to your Email Address as well as in SMS to your mobile Number!
Confirm your account and you will receive One Week Free Subscription!

How can i Redeem an Offer?

Select the Coupon you would like to redeem, Ask the Waiter to enter the vendor code.
And just like that you will have used your Coupon! Its that Simple.

How many times can I use a Coupon?

According to the Vendor's offer, Every coupon can either be used Daily, Weekly, Monthly or One-Time.
This information is clearly stated as part of the Coupon offer details under the listing.

Android Phone or Android Tablet?

Visit the Google PlayStore and search for CouponBook EA or Click here.

iPhone / iPad ?

Our Team is working on bringing this to the Apple Store ASAP.
You can still use the application on your favourite Mobile Browser.
Simply Click Login if you have an account or Register to Create your Account.

Can i Pay for my Subscription using Mobile Financial Services?

Yes! we have partnered with the major Mobile Network Operator who offer financial services and you are able to make this payment!
Simply follow the Easy Step Process under Subscriptions in the My Account Section.

Do you Accept VISA, Master Card Payments?

Yes! we do accept VISA & Master Card payments.
Simply follow the Easy Step Process under Subscriptions in the My Account Section.

Can i Keep track of the Coupons i have Used?

All the list the Coupons you have used is under the History Section
You must have a valid account and successfully logged in.

Can i report a Vendor?

If you have an problem with a vendor, Product or the Service that was rendered?
We encourage you to use the direct messaging option under the Customer feedback menu on the Mobile and Web applications.
Our team is ready to help you!

More questions?

Get intouch with us to get answers for all your questions. Contact Us.

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